Getting Started

Congratulations! You've decided to go back to school and earn your Bachelor of Professional Studies degree. So where do you begin? Start with the Admission and Application link on the left. Click the Fees and Financial Aid link to learn the cost of the program and figure out whether you need financial aid. The Transferring Credits page will help you determine whether you have all the credits you need to start working toward your BPS degree. Talk to the BPS adviser if you have more questions about the program. Take a look at the SmarterMeasure tool and the Online Course Demo to get a real feel for online education.

Serving in the Navy required me and my family to move around the country a fair amount over the years. I've always wanted to complete my bachelor's degree, but my busy schedule simply never allowed for this to happen. I've been pleasantly surprised by how well the BPS program and setup is going for me. The condensed eight-week semesters are a lot of work, but I'm committed to this.
Susan S., Eau Claire, WI