Student Services


Admitted BPS Student

An admitted BPS student is a student who is seeking the BPS degree, has filed an application, and has been accepted by the Admissions Office specifically for the BPS program. An admitted BPS student may attend the university full- or part-time and may qualify for a variety of financial aid, depending upon resources and credit load.

All admitted BPS students may register themselves in MyBlugold CampS.

There are a few requirements to use MyBlugold CampS for registration:

PIN - Personal Identification Number

Your PIN is required for initial logon—using this format, uwec?xxxx, substituting xxxx with your four-digit PIN. Every student who is accepted for admission as a BPS degree-seeking student is assigned a PIN. After the initial logon, you will be prompted to change your password with specific criteria. From that point on you will use the new password to access MyBlugold CampS.

PAC - Personal Advising Code

All students are encouraged to consult with their academic advisers when planning course selections. All BPS students must have their adviser's approval to register. The registration system requires BPS students to enter a PAC when registering. PACs are issued by the BPS adviser, not the Registration Office.

Registration Time

All admitted BPS students will have a registration time. You can check your registration time on MyBlugold CampS (see My Info, Registration Appointment, and Holds). You may register at or any time after your assigned day/time, but not before. However, you should use MyBlugold CampS to check your eligibility to enroll, either generally or for specific classes and to check open class lists before your appointment. Also, contact your BPS adviser well BEFORE your registration time!

Drop/Add Classes


During the first week of the fall or spring semesters, you may make changes (drops OR adds) to your registration directly through the MyBlugold CampS System. As of the second week, however, you can only drop classes on MyBlugold CampS—adding requires a Change of Registration form. After the second week, you can no longer add classes, and you must get approval signatures on a Change of Registration form to drop classes.


Dropping full-semester classes during the first two weeks of a regular semester has no effect upon your record, since these dropped courses are not recorded on your transcript. After the second week, however, a dropped class will result in a grade of "W," and this remains the case for drops until the eleventh week of classes. After the beginning of the eleventh week, no withdrawals from courses are permitted, except in extenuating circumstances as determined by the Dean of the college/school in which the student is enrolled. These deadline dates are published each semester in the course schedule bulletin and are available on the Registration Calendar.

Caution regarding "W" grades

Although a "W" has no negative impact on your cumulative GPA, you should recognize that (1) a course in which you receive a "W" counts as a "take" for repeat policy purposes, etc., and (2) receiving a "W" could negatively impact your financial aid if you are receiving it. Always consult with your BPS adviser before considering a "W."

Dropping ALL classes

If you wish to drop all of your courses (regardless of how many you carry) after the beginning of the semester, you are considered to be "withdrawing" from the university. You must contact the academic adviser for the BPS Program to discuss your plans before taking action. Dropping all classes could have serious repayment implications if you are receiving financial aid.

Only YOU can initiate a drop

You MUST drop courses, or withdraw from the university, officially. Failure to participate in classes does NOT constitute a withdrawal, and may result in an "F" grade(s).


In order to cancel a registration and receive a full fee refund, you must notify Registration Services, IN WRITING, no later than the last working day PRIOR to the start of classes. Again, please consult with your BPS adviser before taking action.